Gingerbread, Gingerbread, Ginger All the Way


It’s funny that people always describe cookies as “ginger” cookies.  I have yet to see a recipe that has more than 1 teaspoon of ginger in it.  This recipe only has 1/2.  It actually has more cinnamon.  Perhaps it would be more accurate to call these “molasses cookies with assorted spices.”  Funny.  Gingerbread sounds more catchy.

Anyway, I am a big fan of ginger, cinnamon, and molasses, for a multitude of reasons.  I have a finicky stomach, for one thing.  Ginger and cinnamon are both good at soothing an upset tummy.  Besides adding taste, cinnamon is great for stabilizing blood sugar levels and preventing unhealthy spikes.


When it comes to cookies, molasses is a secret weapon.  Molasses makes things sweet as well as moist and chewy.  We’ve all broken a tooth or two trying to chew a gingersnap.  Molasses is good at softening up baked goods so you don’t have to have your dentist on speed-dial.

Whatever you choose to call these cookies is your choice.  Bring them to a holiday party…or just keep them for yourself.  Your decision.  I know I’ve made mine.



makes ~18 cookies

[adapted from running to the kitchen]

3/4 cup spelt flour

1/2 cup white or whole wheat flour

1/2 baking soda

1 t cinnamon

1/2 ginger

1/8 t salt

2 T molasses

1/4 cup maple syrup

1 egg

1 T canola oil


2 T sugar

1/2 t cinnamon

In a large bowl, combine dry ingredients and whisk.  In a small bowl, combine wet ingredients and whisk until smooth.  Add wet to dry and stir until combined.  Cover and refrigerate for at least two hours.

After refrigeration, roll 1 T dough into a ball and roll ball in coating, if desired.  Bake on parchment-lined baking sheets at 350˚F for 8 minutes.

Remove cookies from oven, flattening them with a spatula.  After 5 minutes, transfer cookies to wire racks to finish cooling.



Life is Wonderful


I can now say that if I died today, I would die happy.  Let that not be a morbid statement.  That is a statement full of…JOY!

I’m about to namedrop like nobody’s business.  I met Joy the Baker.  I spoke to Joy the Baker.  And yes, I know her real name is not Joy the Baker.  IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHO JOY THE BAKER IS, YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK.  Your life is sad.  Get some Joy in your life.  Now.


There are so many things to be thankful for every single day.  At this time of year we start to think more about what matters, who we love, who we haven’t told we love.  Tell someone you love them!  Even if you don’t know them.  Even if you do know them, and they don’t know you.  I just did that!  I know Joy!  Does she know me?  In my head, yes.  I told her I loved her!  Is that weird?  Who cares.


Joy wrote in my cookbook.  Well, her cookbook.  That I own.  It’s a beautiful cookbook.  Newest prized possession.


In short, life is now complete.  December 9 should last forever.  I think I’ll mark this day in my calendar and celebrate the anniversary of this momentous occasion forever.

More wonderfulness (and a hockey elbow pad serendipitously placed in the background):


Also, if you were wondering where this happiest moment of my life occurred, it was at the Eat Boutique, which is basically the best thing ever.  I managed to pick up some Coffee Syrup (yup, heaven does exist), sample approximately 83 different types of granola (and finally decide to buy some), caramels, ice cream, popsicles, and get a free cup of drip-brewed coffee from a wonderful person named Alessandro who should totally be my new best friend (um).


Oh by the way, here’s a picture of food if that’s what you came looking for.  Obviously it’s one of Joy’s recipes, created with love.  It’s name is Honey Almond Butter Chocolate Tart and it is not healthy but do we really care?!  EnJOY it!


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